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The Conversion Of The World And The Jews

The term, the conversion of the world, is nowhere used in the Bible.
That there is, according to the predictions of God's Holy Word, a
wonderful future in store for the earth, when nations will learn war no
more, but learn righteousness instead, and worship Jehovah as King and
Lord, is too well known to every intelligent Christian to need
restatement. When that jubilee time comes the knowledge of the glory
of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the deep; the
groaning creation, now so sadly sharing in the curse of man's sin, will
be delivered from its groans. It is noteworthy that there are no
promises in the New Testament which would authorize the Church of God
to expect the accomplishment of these predictions as the result of her
testimony and activity. If this were her work, to convert the world,
to lead nations to know God, to abandon the most horrible result of
sin, war--we would have to confess that she has failed miserably. Nor
is it true, as some now say, that this world war will, when it ends,
bring about these blessed things by man's renewed efforts. If it is
the work of present agencies, the expected world conversion lies in an
unreachable distance.

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