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The History Of Satan

Satan is a person and has a history. No intelligent believer in the
Bible denies this, for the Bible teaches in both Testaments that such a
being exists, and more than that, the history of this person is given
in the Word of God. He is not a divine being, but a creature. His
origin, his work and his final destiny are revealed in the Scriptures.
Yet it needs to be stated that much in connection with this person is
obscure and that certain facts can only be learned by inference.
Questions are often asked concerning this being, which no one can
answer. We mean these questions "Why God created such a being, if He
knew that he would be His enemy and do the awful work he has done and
which he is still doing," or "Why does God still permit him to do this
work and why does He not end his career?" In such matters it behooves
us to confess our ignorance and also our faith in an all-wise God,
whose wisdom, sovereignty and justice are perfect. Some day these
unrevealed mysteries will be all cleared up for the Saints of God.

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