According To Prophecy

It is in the Old Testament Prophetic Word where we find the promises

that the nations of the world will be brought to know God, that all the

ends of the earth shall turn to the Lord and that all kings shall fall

down before Him. It is written that "All nations shall serve Him,"

"All nations shall call Him blessed," and that the whole earth will be

filled with His glory.[1] Nor is the Old Testament Prophetic Word

silent as to how and when all this is to be brought about. As the

writer has shown in his "Harmony of the Prophetic Word," before this

glorious future can come for the nations of the earth the Lord's return

must have taken place; and this event is preceded by judgments upon the

nations, and partial restoration of God's ancient people to their own

land, the calling of a God-fearing remnant amongst them, and by the

great Tribulation. When these things have come to pass, immediately

after the days of that Tribulation, our Lord will appear in the clouds

of Heaven with power and great glory. The Day of Vengeance has come,

but in wrath mercy will be remembered. All Israel living in that day

will be saved, and His Kingdom will be established upon this earth.

The nations of the earth are then gathered into this kingdom. They

will not be gathered into the Church, as is often said, for the Church

is no longer here but has entered into glory to reign with Christ over

the earth.

Daniel in his vision beheld the Son of Man coming with the clouds of

Heaven: "And there was given Him dominion and glory, and a kingdom,

that all people, nations and languages should serve Him. His dominion

is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and His kingdom

that which shall not be destroyed" (Dan. vii:13-14). As the result of

the first coming of our Lord in humiliation and His sacrificial death

He receives the Church, which is now forming during this age. When He

comes the second time He receives this world-wide Kingdom, in which the

nations of the earth will be subjects. When that time comes, and not

before, the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord and

of His Christ, "and He shall reign forever and ever" (Rev. ii:15). So

much for the conversion of the world, and the blessings promised to the

nations and to the whole earth. It is inseparably linked with the

second coming of Christ.

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