Why He Satan Hates The Church

He hates the true church because he knows its members are the

blood-bought hosts of the Son of God, destined to rule and reign with

Him over this earth, which Satan still holds in his grasp. There is

another reason why he has tried to exterminate the true church or to

corrupt it. Satan has knowledge concerning the future. When our Lord

was on earth the demons cried out "What have we to do with thee, Jesus,

thou Son of God? Art thou come hither to torment us before the time?"

(Matt. viii:29). From this we learn that the demons know the

difference between the first and second coming of our Lord. They know

when He comes the second time their doom will be sealed and they will

no longer be permitted to torment and ruin the bodies and souls of men.

Satan unquestionably knows his doom and that it is linked up with the

Return of our Lord. He also knows that the church, as the body of

Christ, must be completed before He comes again. This must be a

leading reason why he hates the church and attempts to corrupt it by

evil doctrines and persecutes those who are Christ's. All his efforts

are unavailing for the Lord Jesus Christ keeps His people.

World Dominion Satan's Endeavor

Throughout this age this enemy of God also endeavors to control the

earth politically and rule the nations. The Roman emperors mostly all

aimed at world-dominion and did the devil's bidding to obtain their

object. What horrible things were done and the depths of wickedness

history makes known to us. Throughout the centuries of our age, again

and again, he raised up instruments and inspired them to great deeds in

bloody wars to control nations and kingdoms. Napoleon is a notable

example. His ambition was to become the head of a great European

empire. A cartoonist of 1812 pictured Satan holding Napoleon in his

lap and saying to him, "This is my beloved son in whom I am well

pleased." If this was true of Napoleon that he was of the seed of the

serpent, doing his will, how much more is it true of the Hohenzollern,

William II. His deeds and the deeds of his associates in this war of

all wars surpass the deeds of Nero, Attila and Napoleon. The devil's

bait was swallowed by this Prussian emperor and he hoped to gain world

dominion, but has now found out that the devil is a liar.

Nor must we forget the popes with their spurious claims of being

Christ's vice-regents on earth and their attempt to exercise temporal

power. Behind their claim there stands the same dark shadow.

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